I’m delighted to report that I’ve finally been able to upload the video. Now that it’s finally up, i find myself wishing I had posted it in sections. Oh well. At least it’s live. :)

I’m very excited about the upcoming show in Germany!  We decided to title it “From Beyond”.  The interesting thing is that the ambiguous and seemingly metaphysical phrase in English has no equivalent German counterpart.  In German, one says “Von Jenseits”, which means something closer to “from beyond the grave”.  That seems almost appropriate, though a little dark.  All the same, it’s interesting enough that it’s worth leaving it.

Thanks to the loving support of Gerd and Monika Frank from the Alter Lokshuppen (old train station) Gallery in Falkenstein, Germany, we will have a wonderful birthday show for Elfi with her family!

The profits from the sales of all works at this show will be donated, in honor of Elfi, to the local children’s cancer organization, VKKK.

Lindsey and I will be bringing about 140 works.  We’ll be hanging about 35 – 40 of them.  The rest will be in binders on tables.

Elfi’s sister Jutta will be preparing much of the food and drinks.  Her sister Martina and her husband Wolfgang are producing a bunch of custom designed frames for the event.

Meanwhile, here in Santa Cruz, Kendell Silveira is photographing 80 of the works that had not yet been photographed.  Expect to see those soon.

I’ll be posting more about this as we go.

Note, I posted some other posts about this on my company personal blog: